The unhooking mat „Bathtub“, in german „Badewanne“ is the largest unhooking mat in the MAD MAD® range. Thanks to its shape and its soft material it affords protection to even the biggest carp from injuries and enables gently handling of the fish, because the water you fill into the mat stays in it. With its length of 120 cm and width of 70 cm it is ideally suited for even the biggest carp. Due to its four height-adjustable legs it can be positioned right on every underground. To give the fisherman a lot of comfort too, the unhooking mat is delivered with a special protection mat for your knees. With the result that you won‘t make any unwanted grimaced while taking pictures of a fish you dreamed of because your kneeing on a stone.

Item Number Product NameMeasurementsPack Size
8353 007MAD BATHTUB115x70x44cm110x21x15cm