Carpfishing is a time consuming pastime when you spent lot of nights or may even weeks on the bank to catch your target fish. This time should be spent in a comfortable manner. Nothing is worse to spent hours and hours on uncomfortable beds and getting a bad back. The MAD® LEGION bedchair makes a huge difference here. Extra wide, detachable, thick padded, fleece lined mattress and ergonomic pillow makes a perfect bed for your fishing trips. It‘s a must for long sessions and foreign trips.
• Leightweight yet durable aluminium frame
• Six adjustable legs with large mud feet
• Extra thick padded and removable mattress
• Large pillow
• Adjustable top end
• Easy to fold and transport
• Mattress made of 600D polyester (100%)

Item Number Product NameMeasurementsPack sizeWeight
8471 112MAD LEGION 6-LEG ALU BEDCHAIR212 x 90 x 40 cm83 x 90 x 25 cm7,22 kg